• Xeni Anastasiou

    Director of Brain Cube Digital

Xeni Anastasiou is an powerful advocate of content strategy.  She is the Director of Brain Cube Digital, ‘The Social Firm’ in Cyprus.  Xeni’s work focuses on the processes, people and policies that make up the foundation for extraordinary, sustainable content.  Her clients include beloved brands in the Airline, Airports, Government, Travel, Health, Logistics, Entertainment, Retail, Legal, Insurance and Theatre industries.

She’s a writer first and a marketer second in an industry that usually emphasizes those roles in the reverse order. Xeni’s experience with content creation and strategy is extremely valuable for a firm looking to extend its digital strategy to the next level.


7th of October 14.30-16.00

Psych Eye for the Social Media Eye

Digital has brought along many new alternatives in order to strike up a conversation with people. It offers many ways to go beyond pure messaging and can offer digital services instead of plain ad messages. This session will focus on how brands can be useful –  in the broadest sense, as entertainment can be just as useful as any kind of helpful service. My aim is also to show that this is not limited to digital innovations – but a general approach when wanting to connect with people and come up with relevant marketing strategies.

Being meaningful has many facets – both functional and emotional. Meaningful means that it offers value to people, gives something that they see important in their lives. People attach a specific meaning to a service – and this can be emotional entertaining content just as well.

We will be taking a step toward filling this need. We investigate the experience of viewing viral videos from a motivated cognition theoretical framework that examines the impact of emotional tone on attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand, and intent to forward.