• Wassim Khateeb

    CEO of Millenium Diamonds

Wassim Khateeb is the CEO of Millenium Diamonds, a company providing full solution for online trading of physical certified diamonds. He founded with his partners the company in 2016 after holding various positions in the financial and insurance sectors. Mr Khateeb holds an Msc in Business Engineering with highest distinction mentions, from the prestigious Louvain School of Management in Belgium and have few publications on his credit.


09:00 – 13:00

Planning your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • How to identify the right market segment.
  • How to identify your message.
  • How to identify the channel of communication.
  • How to optimize your campaigns.


6th of October 16.00 – 17.30

On this presentation I will explain what is the best way to plan an online Marketing promotion of a brand/product. I will give a concrete case study to the audience and I will try to involve them on a guided brainstorming. The presentation will be general and will cover all the aspects they need to consider when launching an online business.

Strategic approach and operational implementation of an online strategy for SMEs

  • What is Online Marketing – General approach
  • How to identify a Market segment (SWOT/PESTEL analysis)
  • How to define and promote a certain message
  • How to choose the right online Marketing channels to target a specific market segment
  • The importance of trial and error in online Marketing
  • What to insource and what to outsource? What is an affiliate and what are the possible deals.
  • Concrete case study (Online sales of Diamonds)
  • How to fix a realistic budget for your campaigns.
  • The importance of the coordination between Sales and Marketing.