• Theocharis Katranis

    Digital Marketing Consultant

For more than 20 years, Theocharis Katranis was working in Top Managerial & Marketing positions in some of the best and most successful companies in Cyprus. Today, he is consulting small & medium size companies, the way to build their presence in the Internet in a professional manner. He also cooperates with local Colleges like CDA and CIM and teach Business, Marketing and Selling Techniques.

Plenary Sessions 09:00-13:00

E-Commerce the Heart of Internet Today

This short presentation will be the introduction for Ecommerce workshop that will take place during the two days of the Digital Marketing Conference.

You will receive Valuable Information about E-commerce so you can understand why so many businesses and individuals use it to expand their business and profits.

Workshop, Saturday, 12:00-13:30

How to Use E-Commerce to Expand your Business and Increase Profits

In this workshop you will:

–          Learn the big Impact to business because of Ecommerce.

–          Receive many detail information about the different Technologies used in ecommerce.

–          Understand the important criteria and the secret philosophy behind it

–          Get information about Security Issues

Thank you for your time and cooperation.