• Marios Karatzias

    CEO of SocialWiz

He was Senior Manager of Customer Services at Cyta, when he took an early retirement in 2015 and founded the consultancy and media house company, SocialWiz. The company focuses on promoting brands and people on Twitter through its wide network and trains clients to apply good practices and build engagement in order to achieve brand awareness and conversion to sales in Cyprus and abroad.

Marios’ success in this field is due to his active involvement on Twitter; with over 144.000 followers.


7th of October 10.00 – 11.30

Twitter Power Hacks: The best way to grow followers and reputation

This workshop is designed to highlight the dynamics of Twitter and present how it can be used for brand awareness, promotion of goods and services and conversion to sales. It will demonstrate good practices, which can be used both for professional and personal use.


Twitter is a “private publishing machine” without the cost! One can share information instantly without any restrictions imposed by Twitter. It is ideal for use by brands and individuals to target audiences by using hashtags, publishing relevant content and engaging with users/influencers.


The areas to be covered are:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Why use Twitter?
  • Number of followers vs engagement
  • How to go viral on Twitter
  • 12 + 1 hacks to be a good Twitter
  • What and when do we post
  • Examples of good tweets and Apps
  • Advertising is story telling
  • The Power of Twitter Reach
  • Paid vs Organic Social Traffic
  • Real life tweets relevant to participants’ business will be created and shared


Note:  SocialWiz products and services on how you can accelerate your Twitter Marketing in number of Followers and Organic Reach will be touched upon during the workshop.