• Gladys Cali

    Expert in Personal Branding and Leadership

International speaker, expert in Personal Branding and Leadership. Gladys has been invited as keynote speaker in some international events in UK, Colombia, Spain, China and more. She also teaches in some prestigious universities like Ramon Llull, Pompeu Fabra and UOC in Barcelona. Likewise, she has developed a mentoring program to help other professionals to become better leaders and empower their personal brand. Gladys is also an entrepreneur. With just 26 years old she founded two companies; InfiniteVent Experience (Events agency) and Tech Experience Conference, a tech and digital marketing congress organized around the World. Before that, her most highlighted experiences were working for Apple and organizing a TEDx talk.

References and previous experience:
– Global Event Tech in UK
– CONAMERC in Colombia
– World MICE day in China
– Google Campus Madrid
– Salón Mi Empresa Madrid
– Tech Experience Conference Spain

Plenary sessions 09.00 – 13.00

5 tips I learned at Apple

Through a storytelling of my personal experience when I used to work for Apple, I explain different techniques about branding and leadership. Likewise, I share my experience as an entrepreneur and how do I implement those technics to my small business in order to inspire other professionals to do the same and make them successful.


7 steps to build your personal brand

You will learn how to boost your personal brand on-off in order to
make yourself a business or get the job of your dreams.
– First steps to build your personal brand.
– Social media strategies for Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and
– Tips to increase traffic to your website, rise followers and growth your