• George Iacovou

    CEO of Base Element

George is one of the early entrepreneurs of digital marketing in Cyprus; having founded a boutique digital agency in 2003 focusing on Travel and Tourism.  Since then, George has been involved in many international and local projects across multiple industries, in both private and governmental sectors. He is a co-founder and CEO at Base Element since its launch in 2011.


09:00 – 13:00

The world is connected. So, is your business.

  • The Digital Darwinism phenomenon.
  • Think holistically.


6th of October 14.00 – 15.30

Maximize your marketing potential in a digitally connected world.

How to move from doing digital to being digital

We exist in a digitally connected ecosystem that constantly changes and evolves; so do the ways and means we brand, promote, market and sell. There is no point solution that will work for any brand or objective. So, how do we keep up?

The workshop really aims to provide a more holistic approach to digital marketing. It will talk about how to think strategically beyond channels and techniques and how to set the foundations to transform an organization into being digital at its core.

We will talk primarily about Marketing, Technology and Data and we will touch-base with issues on Culture and Processes.

  • Marketing and marketing in a digitally connected worldTechnology; is it optional?
  • From basic to big data. Collect, Analyse, Learn
  • Nurturing an organization that is digital at its core;
  • Culture and processes.