• Daniel Abdel-Malak

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with over 14 years of professional Strategic Marketing experience. Daniel is Vice President of Marketing at an international digital payments solutions provider and has been lecturing Marketing and Strategy at CIM for the past 5 years. He loves all things tech, simplifying complex processes and making sense of user behavior to improve user experience. He believes humans are at the verge of a leap in their evolution through technology. He’s also convinced that Belka and Strelka beat Virgin Galactic in space tourism, having landed themselves, a rabbit, 42 mice, two rats, flies and several plants and fungi safely back to earth!

Plenary Sessions 09:00-13:00

Evolution through technology. Where is mankind heading.

We are at the verge of a leap in our evolution through technology. We’ll look at the advancements that exist today and are to arrive in the coming 3-5 years; driven by data and digital marketing. The world seems to be overwhelmed with data and complexity; but is this really the case?

Workshop, Friday 16:00-17:30

Marketing methods and tools to structure and make sense of overwhelming data

Multiple Websites, countless social media platforms, numerous messengers, search engines, campaigns, designs, browsers, devices, platforms, interconnectivity, security, regulation, overwhelming technologies- marketer burnout imminent!

We will look at the various technological trends that exist today in digital marketing. Suggest processes that marketers can adopt in order to structure their work and consistently succeed in their goals and contribute to advancements across the whole organization. We will suggest tools that exist today and can be used to carry out online tests, track and improve user experience and make sense of user data. We will recommend the thought and structure process that marketers can adapt and possibly adopt in order to put a method behind the madness.