• Adonis Anastasiou

    Adonis Business Academy

Adonis Anastasiou founded Adonis Business Academy in 1999 and his amazing 100% success rate, in increasing the sales of his clients, makes him the ideal Sales Trainer for any company that strives for growth in a competitive environment. He has studied Administrative Management and Economics at California State University of Los Angeles and he is an approved lecturer of the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus. He has been training and coaching clients for the last 20 years. He is a Lecturer at Cyprus College and he is invited as a guest speaker to various Universities such as the University of Central Lancashire, University of Nicosia, University of East London and many others. The areas of his expertise include Business Training, Sales Coaching, Personal Development and Social Media and Digital Marketing.


09:00 – 13:00

Six Tips for Selling Through Social Media

– Why just posting in social media is not enough
– What is the best way to advertise
– How to build trust, followers and buyers.


How to boost your sales through social media

By the end of the workshop participants will know:
a. The process of selling through social media
b. How to build trust with your social media followers and turn them into customers
c. How to create promotionally posts that sell
d. How to structure your selling pages for maximum conversion
e. How to structure your events to get participants
f. Tips for Facebook ads that sell.