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Latest Digital Marketing Technologies and Strategy, SEO, SMM, eCommerce, Brand Building, Analytics, Networking, Proximity Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Digital Psychology trends.

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    23-24 March, 2018

    At 09:00am



    St. Raphael Hotel


No theory, only practical examples from 20+ speakers. Social media marketing trends, content management, e-commerce, communication and customer loyalty, personal and business branding, VR and AI for your online marketing. You will hear 20 ten-minute speeches   that will help you understand today’s tools and the most effective ways to promote your business. After this session,  benefit from more practical details and practical methods during 18 (!) 90-min workshops.


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Marketing specialists

Learn the latest internet marketing trends and best practices. Join the team of the top marketing experts.

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Business owners

Find out how to manage marketing campaigns without particular financial investment.

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Get the skills and knowledge you need to address your future challenges in Digital Marketing.



€ 50


€ 100


ONE FULL DAY (incl. lunch)
€ 160


TWO FULL DAYS (incl. lunch)
€ 250


Friday 09:00-13:00 Plenary sessions



  • Five tips I learned at Apple. Gladys Cali, International speaker, expert in Personal Branding and Leadership, Spain.


  • Outthink Marketing Performance. Marios Kapiris, Manager of IBM, Cyprus.


  • Six Social Media Marketing Trends of 2018. Yuliya Cheban, Founder of Educational Platform MarkEd and SMM agency SOTY, Ukraine.


  • E-Commerce the Heart of Internet Today. Theocharis Katranis, Digital Marketing Consultant, Cyprus.


  • Efficient advertising campaigns in simple examples.  Aleksej Gubarev, Co-founder and CEO at XBT Holding


  • Ten Mistakes in your Instagram Business Account. Arpine Sarkisyan, Founder of, Cyprus-Russia.


  • Six Tips for Selling Through Social Media. Adonis Anastasiou, Founder of Adonis Business Academy, Cyprus.


  • LinkedIn – What’s in it for me.  Panayiotis Kyriakou, Digital Marketing & Technology Specialist, Cyprus.


  • Luxury Brands: Ways to Market in the Digital Era. Pavlina-Kristina Iacovidou, Marketing and Public Relations Manager of A.I. Motokinisi Ltd, the official importers of Porsche cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles in Cyprus.


  • 10 Tips for Google Analytics Success. Julia Papageorgiou, Founder of JPP Marketing, Cyprus.


  • Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns and Newsletters More Efficient. Olga Dyniak, Digital-entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience, Cyprus-Russia.


  • Let’s go live on Twitter and get this Event Trending Samantha Kelly, leading social media strategist, speaker and trainer from Ireland.


  • How to Prepare for Facebook Targeting. Check These Steps not to Waste Your Money. Valentina Balaeva, Member of Websarafan – 75000 active participants in a FB group, founder of «Honest SMM», partner in a popular project «SMMTale», Russia.


  • The HUGE Marketing Opportunity Facebook Is Giving You in 2018 . . . and How to Avoid the Critical Mistakes (That 99% of Your Competitors Will Keep Making). Justin Devonshire, Professional speaker, coach, consultant, Cyprus-UK.


  • Lessons learned from the Presidential Digital Elections Campaign. Pantelis Vladimirou, Mananging Director of Webarts

13:00-14:00 Lunch
Friday 14:00 - 17:30 Afternoon Workshops

14:00-15:30 Workshops

  • Google Analytics For Marketers – Getting the Most out of your Google Analytics Data Julia Papageorgiou
  • How to Turn Conversations on Twitter into Conversions Samantha Kelly
  • Effective Marketing for Your E-shop – How to Drive Traffic and Increase Conversion Rates Nicos Andronicou

16.00 – 17.30 Workshops

  • Facebook Ads Strategies that will Boost your Business Valentina Balaeva
  • Marketing Methods and Tools to Structure and Make Sense of Overwhelming Data Daniel Abdel-Malak
  • E-mail маркетинг: приемы для повышения эффективности рассылок Дыняк Ольга

Saturday 10:00-18:00 Workshops

10:00-11:30 Workshops

12:00-13:30 Workshops

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Workshops

  • Seven Steps to Build your Personal Brand Gladys Cali
  • How to Grow a List of Hundreds of Thousands of Targeted, Interested Prospects By Giving Value On Facebook Justin Devonshire
  • Трипстер — история, неудачи и методы достижения успеха Борис Плотица

16:30-18:00 Workshops



Co-founder and CEO at XBT Holding

Aleksej Gubarev

Aleksej Gubarev was born on 20 June, 1980 in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Oblast.

In 1996 Aleksej entered Novosibirsk State University where he studied at Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. He has been working in IT industry from year 2000 when he run various local projects.

In 2005, when he was 25, he founded XBT – company that specializes in hosting, data and web-development. XBT Holding now has 11 subsidiaries collaborating over 9 countries. XBT Holding is a parent company for such projects as, IaaS hosting provider, secureVPN.

International speaker, expert in Personal Branding and Leadership

Gladys Cali

Gladys has been invited as keynote speaker in some international events in UK, Colombia, Spain, China and more. She also teaches in some prestigious universities like Ramon Llull, Pompeu Fabra and UOC in Barcelona. Likewise, she has developed a mentoring program to help other professionals to become better leaders and empower their personal brand. Gladys is also an entrepreneur. With just 26 years old she founded two companies; InfiniteVent Experience (Events agency) and Tech Experience Conference, a tech and digital marketing congress organized around the World. Before that, her most highlighted experiences were working for Apple and organizing a TEDx talk.

References and previous experience:
– Global Event Tech in UK
– CONAMERC in Colombia
– World MICE day in China
– Google Campus Madrid
– Salón Mi Empresa Madrid
– Tech Experience Conference Spain


Lazar Zadniprenko

Lazar spent the last 4 years working in a construction and development company in Russia where he worked as Assistant Marketing Director and Head of External Relations; throughout this time, he engaged in marketing and PR campaigns, IT development, Exhibition participation, Investor and Partner relations and General marketing activities.

Lazar is here to speak about the ‘Internet and the Law of SEO Attraction’.  “Marketing is more than just a business activity, it’s more of a constant reflection and adjustment of purpose to concurrent needs, demands, desires, hopes and expectations”.

Founder of

Arpine Sarkisyan

The founder of the first online school for promotion and sales in Instagram – – an online video course where in 6 weeks students get skills of promotion and sales. More than 4,000 students have already finished the course and more than 30,000 people have listened to online webinars. The company’s turnover is more than 36 million RUB.

About business achievements: sold more than 300 tons of food through the Instagram of DomaVkusnee company (whose account @domavkusnee Arpine promoted for 3 years)

Co-founded the company about life and housing in Cyprus (@lovemycyprus) – in 2016, people rented 320 apartments through Instagram.

And in fact, her main achievement is the two charming girls Victoria and Anna.


David Abralava

Since the very beginging of social media marketing, David has been managing various brand pages and groups accross different social media paltforms.
While studying at top-ranked European universites including University of Vienna and Univeirsty of Bologna, he has already been involved in developement of SMM strategies and market entries.
During years of experience he has collaborated with some of the most influencial people in Instagram, VK, Facebook and Twitter.
Currently, David is the Lead Marketing Consultant at Nmore Group.

Founder of educational platform MarkEd and SMM agency SOTY

Yuliya Cheban

Yuliya works in the field of Internet marketing for more than 4 years. She used to work in e-commerce, venture investments and IT education.

Founder of MarkEd educational platform | Founder of SOTY smm agency | Organizer of PERSIK conference | Co-organizer of Black Sea Summit international IT-conference | Vice-curator of Global Shapers Odessa HUB community | Mentor in EGAP programmes.

Yuliya specializes in creating marketing strategies, content marketing and social media promotion of various projects.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Theocharis Katranis

For more than 20 years, Katranis Theocharis worked in Managerial and Marketing positions in some of the best and most successful companies in Cyprus. Today he consults SME’s and lectures at CDA for Business and Marketing.

Co-founder and CEO of

Boris Plotitsa

Родился в г. Москва 15 июля 1979 г. Женат, двое детей.

Закончил МИРЭА (Московский институт радио электроники и автоматики), специальность “прикладная математика”.

Дополнительное образование Российский экономический университет им. Г.В. Плехаова, специальность “управление предприятием”.

Получив опыт в финансовом учете, инвестировании и создании интернет-проектов основал свой собственный проект На сегодняшний день Трипстер, это:

  • Ведущий сервис онлайн бронирований экскурсий для русскоязычной аудитории.
    • Работаем в более чем 370 городах мира
    • Лучшая команда гидов
    • Наши экскурсии ежегодно посещают более 100 000 человек
  • Стабильно растущая, прибыльная интернет компания.
    • Ежегодный рост на 300%
    • За 2017 год наши гиды совокупно заработали 5 млн. евро.
Founder of Adonis Business Academy

Adonis Anastasiou

Adonis Anastasiou founded Adonis Business Academy in 1999 and his amazing 100% success rate, in increasing the sales of his clients, makes him the ideal Sales Trainer for any company that strives for growth in a competitive environment. He has studied Administrative Management and Economics at California State University of Los Angeles and he is an approved lecturer of the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus. He has been training and coaching clients for the last 20 years. He is a Lecturer at Cyprus College and he is invited as a guest speaker to various Universities such as the University of Central Lancashire, University of Nicosia, University of East London and many others. The areas of his expertise include Business Training, Sales Coaching, Personal Development and Social Media and Digital Marketing.


Founder of JPP Marketing

Julia Papageorgiou

Julia Papageorgiou is an experienced strategic marketer. In 2008 she founded JPP Marketing, an online marketing agency specialised in SEO, PPC and Web Analytics. In 2010, JPP Marketing became the first Google Adwords Certified Partner in Cyprus and in 2016 became a Premier Google Partner agency. Julia is a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, a Google Analytics Qualified Individual and a Chartered Marketer. She is most passionate about helping clients understand the value of measuring everything they do online. In 2013, Julia was selected by Google to become a member of the Google Partner Academy, to deliver training to agencies.

Expert in Revenue Management

Leonid Komarov

Области компетенции:
● Маркетинг, коммуникации, медиа-бизнес
● Стратегическое планирование и конкурентная стратегия
● Динамическое ценообразование и управление доходами (Dynamic Pricing
Revenue Management) – область точной аналитики, которая предсказывает
поведение потребителей на уровне микрорынков и оптимизирует
доступность и цену продукта для максимизации роста выручки.
Основная цель управления доходами – продавать правильный продукт
правильному клиенту в нужное время по правильной цене и с правильным пакетом.
Суть дисциплины заключается в понимании восприятия клиентами ценности
продукта, точности выравнивания цен на продукцию и доступности для каждого
сегмента клиентов.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Daniel Abdel-Malak

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with over 14 years of professional Strategic Marketing experience. Daniel is Vice President of Marketing at an international digital payments solutions provider and has been lecturing Marketing and Strategy at CIM for the past 5 years. He loves all things tech, simplifying complex processes and making sense of user behavior to improve user experience. He believes humans are at the verge of a leap in their evolution through technology. He’s also convinced that Belka and Strelka beat Virgin Galactic in space tourism, having landed themselves, a rabbit, 42 mice, two rats, flies and several plants and fungi safely back to earth!

Digital Marketing & Technology Specialist

Panayiotis Kyriakou

Panayiotis Kyriakou graduated from Higher Technical Institute (HTI) in 1993 as a technician in Electrical Engineering. In 2001 he earns his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (UK) and in 2004 completes the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme at CIIM Business School. Since then, Panayiotis has been undergoing continuous professional development at Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and other leading universities.

With a vast professional experience, Panayiotis has been actively involved in business consulting, teaching and training for the past 17 years and his area of specialty is Marketing, E-business and Technology. A passionate business person, Panayiotis is always in search for solutions, ideas and methodologies that will bridge the gap between Marketing and Technology, driving businesses to success and excellence.


He has been certified by Microsoft, Google and Facebook as an expert in Digital Marketing and other cloud technologies. Areas of specialties include Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC Advertizing, Mobile Marketing, Reputation Management and Digital Analytics. Panayiotis is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP) providing thoughts and advice on industry topics to Microsoft’s management team.

He is an approved trainer and instructor by Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) and an approved trainer by the American Bankers Association (ABA), where he teaches “Marketing of Financial Services” for professionals aiming towards certification. In addition to E-business and Technology, Panayiotis gave several seminars, custom training courses and presentations on Marketing and Sales for the Institute of Banking Studies (Cyprus) the Cyprus Productivity CenterCity Unity College and other leading academic and training institutions.

He is a member of several professional associations and an active contributor to local and international nonprofit organizations. As a support to Child & Youth International foundation, Panayiotis acts as a coach and mentor for young entrepreneurs worldwide.

He is the author of several articles in the areas of Marketing, General Management, E-business and Information Technology with publications in the local and foreign press.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager of A.I. Motokinisi Ltd, the official importers of Porsche cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles in Cyprus

Pavlina-Kristina Iacovidou

Pavlina-Kristina is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager of A.I. Motokinisi Ltd, the official importers of Porsche cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles in Cyprus.

She has focused her studies on International Business Management and Italian language at Regents Business School in London.

She has spend a year in Italy where she had the opportunity to intern for Porsche Italia S.p.A. the subsidiary company of Porsche AG in Italy.

She is also a chartered Public Relations practitioner, receiving her professional diploma from the Charter Institute of Public Relations.

With over ten years of professional experience on strategic marketing and event management, she is focusing her work on promoting niche, high end products to the Cypriot market, finding the appropriate channels of communication by following the business guidelines of each brand.

Social media strategist, speaker and trainer

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a leading social media strategist, speaker and trainer from Ireland. Samantha owns and operates Tweeting Goddess and the Women’s Inspire Network. With the support of her team, Samantha plans and delivers effective social media strategies to businesses and entrepreneurs, harnessing the power of social media and the online community.

She is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer, and has been sought after to deliver training courses to many businesses including Hewlett Packard, HSE and Microsoft. She has spoken in New Zealand, USA and Hong Kong.

Samantha is the founder of Social Media Summit Ireland. This is an annual conference which brought together leading Social Media Professionals, both nation and international, to highlight the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy and demonstrating how it can add real value to your business in terms of revenue and business growth.

Samantha is also the founder of the Women’s Inspire Network, a support network which connects and empowers female led businesses. It’s an online support network, which supports Women who work from home building their empires! Women’s Inspire Network now hosts bi-annual national conferences for female entrepreneurs and female led businesses.

Digital Marketing Сoach and Consultant

Justin Devonshire

Justin Devonshire helps coaches, consultants & professionals to escape the ‘time for money’ trap and create a ‘real’ business that provides freedom and scalability. He mentors entrepreneurs around the world and is an international speaker & trainer.

Justin has consulted some of the biggest names in the coaching world on how to attract consistent leads, widen profits & scale their business quickly.
He has partnered and shared the stage with experts including Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Walsh, Mark Victor Hansen and Dave Dee. His businesses have been featured in Forbes &, Men’s Health, as well as national TV & radio.

Digital Entrepreneur

Дыняк Ольга

Дыняк Ольга –  digital-предприниматель с более чем 10 летним стажем, окончила Государственный Университет Управления по специальности Менеджмент в сфере интернет-технологий, имеет большой опыт работы в e-commerce. Специалист в вопросах менеджмента интернет-проектов и интернет-маркетинге. Владелец собственного интернет-магазина, евангелист цифрового будущего и внедрения новых технологий в процесс образования.  Основатель онлайн-сервиса для детей IQsha  и

Digital Marketing strategist

Valentina Balaeva

Valentina Balaeva is working with one of the biggest Russian educational platforms for entrepreneurs – Websarafan – with its 75000 active participants in a FB group and over 20 held summits on business and marketing.  Together with a team she brings in 10K users each month by means of targeting ads for the company’s online / offline conferences. Last spring Valentina launched her own educational project «Honest SMM» and she’s also a partner in a popular project «SMMTale», both help businesses get the best and the most out of Facebook and Instagram.

They prepare social media marketers and help small businesses to understand how to boost their businesses in Facebook and Instagram by themselves. She plans promotional strategies to find, attract and keep their customers. Valentina is also a speaker of Websarafan summits, business breakfasts and webinars on Facebook targeting. She’s a host of number of interviews with the prominent Russian business speakers and at the same time she keeps practicing targeting ads for her own clients. Her first customer spent $300 for the campaign and got $8.5K profit.

Mananging Director of Webarts

Pantelis Vladimirou

Pantelis Vladimirou is the Mananging Director of Webarts Digital Agency in Cyprus. Webarts offers today Inbound Marketing and Website redesign services to 170 clinets in Cyprus, including Zorbas, Cyprus Airport Duty Free, Zavos Group, Dimco, Peletico,  Euroblinds, CYTA, Prime Property and many more.

Working with a team of 12 people and a variation of expertise his goal is to help business succeed their marketing and sales goals thought Inbound Marketing channels.

Pantelis was one the founders of Inbound Marketing in Cyprus who started growing in 2012 and the one the ambassadors of influential marketing with content and engaging techniques.

Pantelis started his career from Computer Science sector, then while doing his MBA he realized that when you add together Science, Technology and Content, you have the most effective and modern way of doing Marketing.

Manager of IBM Cyprus

Marios Kapiris

Marios Kapiris has been appointed as the Manager of IBM Cyprus in 2014. Previously he has held various management positions in IBM in other geographies, the most recent one being as Business Unit Executive of Systems and Technology Group for IBM in Australia and New Zealand. He holds a degree (BSc Hons) in Computer Science & Marketing from the University of Keele (UK) and a Master’s degree (MSc) from the University of Leeds Business School(UK) in International Marketing Management. He is also qualified ACIM from Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).


Nicos Andronicou

Nicos Andronicou is is the Managing Director of Andronicou Group of Companies, actively involved in the fields of retail and ecommerce. Nicos has a long experience in retail sales through Smart Discount Supermarkets, and over the past three years, through Ways Online Network, he is successfully operating a network of four online shops. One of them is, a leading worldwide eshop for mother and baby goods, serving thousands of parents each month in Cyprus and 30 European countries. He is a graduate of Radford University USA, and a huge believer of the philosophy that success is the result of relentless effort and hard work!







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DMC.CY 2018 will showcase the latest Digital Marketing Technologies and Strategy, SEO, SMM, e-Commerce, Brand Building, Analytics, Networking, Proximity Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Digital Psychology trends. The agenda includes plenary sessions, seminars and opportunities for networking. This is a unique chance to expand your knowledge of the trends in the digital marketing industry.

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